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Your Candidates

Maryann Vazquez


Maryann Vazquez for Downers Grove Township Supervisor


Maryann is a graduate of Winona State University (Minnesota) with a degree in Urban and Community Studies.


Her experience includes community organizing, commercial mortgage banking, and international business to business sales and marketing.


We need a leader who will step out of the Township Offices, reach out to those most in need, and reflect the current values of the community.


Maryann is passionate in her desire to support the community in these unprecedented times while maximizing limited resources creatively.


Mary Lemanski


Mary Lemanski for Downers Grove Township Clerk

A Downers Grove homeowner, business owner, musician, and mother of two children, Mary grew up in Springfield in a family with decades of involvement in local politics from both sides of the aisle. She learned the importance of listening to others and finding compromise in a compassionate way.


Mary studied music and business administration at Millikin University, and possesses an MBA in e-Business.


She organized educational workshops and charity benefit concerts with sponsorships for international non-profits and music websites, and she currently operates an Internet marketing & virtual assistant business.




Tom Chlystek


Tom Chlystek for Downers Grove Township Highway Commissioner

Tom is an alderman in the City of Darien and an engineer who works with advanced auto manufacturers, like Tesla, in developing technologies for next generation vehicles.


Tom will save our tax dollars by cutting wasteful and inefficient processes and eliminating bureaucracy, while preparing Downers Grove Township for the next evolution of transportation by incorporating the latest policies and technologies that will lead to a clean and sustainable future for all residents.  


In Tom's free time, he enjoys spending time with this family in the great outdoors and being part of Our Lady of Peace Church.


Bonnie Wayman Dodd


Bonnie Wayman Dodd for Downers Grove Township Trustee Candidate


A lifelong resident of DuPage County, Bonnie possesses a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is an experienced hospital nurse and community nurse. 


In our community, she has volunteered for a variety of causes from Girl Scout leader to school volunteer. She is a Westmont Citizen’s Police Academy alum and an election judge.


As Trustee, Bonnie will work to increase transparency in how the Township operates and boost awareness of the Township’s human services to help people struggling through the pandemic, especially our seniors and young adults.

Gail Cabala-Lowry


Gail Cabala-Lowry for Downers Grove Township Trustee Candidate

A resident of Downers Grove, Gail is a Licensed Architect and former Village Trustee. Her knowledge and experience will be an asset to the trustee position, as she works regularly preparing estimates, balancing budgets, reviewing zoning and building code,, and is involved with storm water management. 


She holds a BA in Architecture from UIC, an MS from UIUC School of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, and is a strong advocate of responsible land use, including preservation of green spaces.


Gail wants to work as a Township Trustee to ensure prudent & valued use of tax dollars and to promote a healthy & sustainable township with Green Infrastructure Initiatives.

Janet Winningham


Janet Winningham for Downers Grove Township Trustee Candidate


A commercial real-estate attorney whose practice includes development, construction, leasing, and finance, Janet earned her undergraduate degree from DePauw University and a law degree from Loyola University of Chicago.


Janet has been elected or appointed to serve on the boards of directors of public service and nonprofit organizations, including over 10 years with the Brookwood School District 167 Board of Trustees and as a founding director of a nonprofit established under the auspices of Abraham’s Children, a mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton.


Janet and her husband, Tom, are 20-year residents of Downers Grove, where Tom grew up. They have one adult son. Janet attends Christ Church of Oak Brook.

Gerry Kirschbaum


Gerry Kirschbaum for Downers Grove Township Trustee Candidate

Gerry has dedicated much of his career to fighting to protect the rights of people in our community, and he has passed on those values of public service to his daughter, who serves as a first responder.


As a Township Trustee, he will work to make our township a better place to live, while ensuring that tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently to provide necessary services and programs. 


He is a Darien resident, licensed attorney, and former public defender.



It is time for a change. This is not a random moment; it is a movement that you need to stay engaged with. It is YOUR TOWNSHIP, YOUR VOICE, A NEW CHOICE."

Kim Savage

Chair Downers Grove Township Democrats

“Leadership means to me listening to constituents as well as following my conscience and acting ethically and honorably.”
Gerry Kirschbaum

Candidate for Trustee

"Local elections and local government are the foundation of maintaining the current values we bring to the state and national government, without leaders representing our democratic values locally, we cannot affect lasting change in this country."
Maryann Vazquez

Candidate for Supervisor

“A true leader concentrates her focus on people and services.”
Janet Winningham

Candidate for Trustee


“People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together.”
— Michelle Obama

Attorney and former First Lady of the United States

“Leadership in local government begins with the ability to listen to all of your constituents, regardless of political affiliation, and find workable solutions that produce positive results for the greatest amount of people in the most effective ways possible, while using taxpayer dollars in the most efficient ways possible. Leaders also listen to and work to find solutions to help those who are disenfranchised by making changes when needed to public infrastructure, education, and other services.”
Mary Lemanski

Candidate for Clerk

"Our Democratic township candidates will reimagine Township Government with new ideas, new skills, and new energy-based on Democratic philosophy, ideals, policy, and positions! Please give them your support and your vote! "

Karol Sole

Precinct Committeewoman

"Township leadership means serving the needs of our community today while preparing the township for the next generation of residents. This means incorporating technologies and procedures that help best serve our residents all while keeping taxes low."

Tom Chlystek

Candidate for Highway Commissioner
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